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We are excited to be able to bring you Australia's FIRST Tiny House Festival, a celebration of all things Tiny Living related. 

Have you been hearing about this 'Tiny House Movement ?' and want to find out more ? Perhaps you like what you have heard but have not yet actually seen or set foot in a Tiny House ? Perhaps you are already on the way, downsizing and simplifying your life and planning your own Tiny House. 

I know you probably have millions of questions, Who should I talk to ?, What products and services do I need to know about ?, Can I go and 'test out' a Tiny House ? What is the current legal situation for Tiny Houses ? Is this really possible ? and how much is it all going to cost ? and more...

Perhaps you are well underway with your plans to 'Go Tiny' but would love to hear from and talk with those that have already gone down this path ? What did they learn and is it really all that it's cracked up to be ? Well, we have you covered ...

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** As we get closer to the festival, the full festival programme and schedule will be available for download.


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